Growing Abroad – Part 1: How the managers of multinationals learnt to succeed worldwide


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Don’t worry! What follows is more than just the polished-up success stories of managers who will tell you how brilliantly they succeeded in expanding growth in the international arena, simply by applying the concepts described later in this book. If anything, their testimonies are rather the reverse. In the following interviews six leading managers will tell you in practical terms what they themselves experienced in their quest for expansion in a different cultural
environment. Their accounts have in no way been influenced by the author. On the contrary, they tell it ‘as it is’. They discuss the problems and the pitfalls which they encountered along the way, but they also highlight the ingredients which finally led to their success.
The six interviews fall neatly into three categories: two are project cases of middle managers (Johnson & Johnson and Nedalco); two are more personal cases of ex-pats who eventually became the CEOs of medium-large companies (BNP Paribas Fortis – Turkey and Betafence); two are the cases of top managers (KBC and Janssen Pharmaceutica) who offer a bird’s eye view of what collaboration between different cultures really means.
The boxes within the text are reflections by the author on some of the key points contained in the testimonies.